The FVT® range, thanks to the many evolutions it has undergone since its initial design, allows this technology to be used and adapted to any requirement thanks to its application flexibility.

This technology stems from the need to filter the coolant lubricant before it is discharged into the pre-filtered fluid holding tank, effectively eliminating routine cleaning and also increasing the conveyor's evacuation efficiency due to the increased level of chip agglomeration inside it. Furthermore, by favouring the PRE-FILTRATION process of the cooling lubricant downstream of the system, we obtain a fluid that can be used not only for machine washing but also for external tool cooling.

The application of this technology is possible with multiple fluid types, materials and machining processes:

  • Type of fluid: oil emulsions, whole oil and water;
  • Materials and alloys: aluminium, steel, cast iron, copper, brass with and without Pb(Ecobrass);
  • Type of machining: dictated by the machine tool.

This type of product can be equipped with different motorisation depending on the function and housing of the filter unit.

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