The Tecnoforme Screw Conveyor can evacuate all kinds of chips.
Developed to optimise the FLR's conveying capacity and flow rate, if an unloading height of more than 800(mm) is not required, it is more economical than the hinged belt conveyor, and its simple construction reduces maintenance work to a minimum.

This equipment consists of a horizontal conveyor, which receives the swarf produced by machining. Inside it is the auger spiral, which is rotated by an external drive unit and guides the swarf received by the machine towards the lifting area and discharges it into the hopper.

The continuous development of know-how gained from experience with our customers allows this technology of ours to be suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Chip types: short and long, dusty, needle-like and heaped up.
  • Different materials and alloys: aluminium, steel, cast iron, copper, brass with and without Pb (Ecobrass)..;
  • Type of fluid: oil emulsion, whole oil and water.
  • Type of machine tool: machining centres, transfers, multi-spindle machines, etc...

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