Tecnoforme design and produce self-cleaning systems for the management of shavings and lubricant-coolants on manned and unmanned milling machine tools:

  • for emulsified lubricant-coolants and pure oil.
  • for metal shavings of all types and quantities.

Systems for individual machine tools or entire production lines:

  • for processing on conventional machines (e.g. horizontal and vertical lathes, processing stations)
  • for processing on special machines (e.g. linear or turntable transfers).

Special systems, with dimensions and performance suited to any type of machine tool and any particular needs of the final user, comprising:

  • Hinged belt, scraper, screw, or permanent magnet shavings conveyors.
  • Fabric or permanent magnet hydrodynamic pre-filtering systems for lubricant-coolant.
  • Bag and cartridge, filter fabric, or centrifugal filter systems.
  • High pressure recovery units, managed by digital technology for variable capacity and constant pressure step supply.
  • Equipment for the treatment of lubricant-coolant: oil separators, cooling units.

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