The Chip Conveyor with Dredging Shovels is suitable for the evacuation of short and dusty chips while minimising the amount of coolant discharged into the collection box. 

It consists of two chains connected to each other by means of special metal angles called 'dredging shovels', as in their movement they dredge the bottom of the conveyor collecting the swarf decanted in it and transport it to the system exit, thus discharging it into the collection box.

The continuous development of know-how gained from experiences with our customers has enabled us to apply this technology of ours in a variety of operating conditions:

  • Chip size and type: short, dusty, needle-shaped, small skeins;
  • Different materials and alloys: steel, cast iron, copper, brass with lead;
  • Type of fluid: oil emulsion, whole oil and water;
  • Type of machine tool : machining centres, transfers, multi-spindle machines, etc. . .

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