The permanent magnet chip conveyor is used to evacuate short and dusty ferromagnetic material. In particular, its application is effective when the coolant fluid used is whole oil and it is more difficult to keep the swarf inside the conveyor itself (e.g. gear hobbing machines, broaching machines, etc.). The particular conformation of this conveyor, in which there is no contact between the mechanical conveying elements and the material being conveyed, eliminates the possibility of blockage, even in the event of accidental dropping of parts foreign to the swarf (e.g. workpieces, bar ends, equipment, etc.). The swarf dragged by the magnetic force, moves on the transport plane without direct constraints, so oil drainage is facilitated, reducing its transfer to the collection box.

This technology consists of a rectangular section of steelwork, closed at the top by a non-magnetic stainless steel plate, shaped according to the lifting path to be imposed on the swarf. Inside this section, a double-chain drive system connected by special magnetic flights is set in motion. The latter graze the stainless steel belt internally and allow the surface dragging of the magnetic material. 

The continuous development of know-how gained from experience with our customers enables this technology of ours to be suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Size and type of materials that can be conveyed: short, dusty, needle-like chips__blanking waste__pieces.
  • Different materials and alloys: ferromagnetic steel and cast iron.
  • Type of machine tool: machining centres, transfers, multi-spindle machines, etc.

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