The Hydrocyclone-HD filtration system is a technology that exploits the principle of centrifugal acceleration possessed by a fluid flowing through a conical section, to separate solid contaminant particles present within the liquid stream.  

The efficiency of this technology varies depending on several physical quantities, such as

  • the pressure difference at the inlet and outlet of the system;
  • the nature of the fluid used in the process;
  • the volumetric flow rate of the stream fed;
  • the concentration of contaminant present; 

This technology makes it possible to exert a modest pressure difference on which the filtration efficiency depends, which varies depending on the model applied, from 5 to 40 micro-m.

The application of this technology is possible with multiple fluid types, materials and processes:

  • Type of fluid: oil emulsions, whole oil and water;
  • Materials and alloys: aluminium, steel, cast iron, glass powder, brass with and without Pb(Ecobrass);
  • Type of machining: dictated by the machine tool.

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