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High performance system, for the processing and deep drilling of engine blocks in nodular cast iron


Type of shavings

nodular cast iron - short - dusty

Shavings capacity


Lubricant-coolant type

Oily emulsion 6/10%

Total capacity


External cooling/rinsing

Q=700(L/1’)_ H=4.5 (Bar)
Grade of filtration= 80 (micron_m)

Internal cooling AP1

High pressure 1Q=270(L/1’)_H=50 (Bar)
Grade of filtration =20 (micron_m)

Internal cooling AP2

High pressure 2Q=70(L/1’)_H=60 (Bar)
Grade of filtration =20 (micron_m)

Differential thermal control


Oil separation groupBelt oil separator with oil concentrator.

Use of plant

24/24 (hours)


System with high level of self-cleaning.
Routine maintenance for recovery of shavings and collection skip sludge - tank cleaning every 12 (months)


The plant comprises the following main groups:

  • 1 x Rotofilter group RTF/FIT/900*800LF, Q=1500( L/1’), G.F.=80 (micron-m).
  • 1 x Filtered fluid tank 80 (micron_m), capacity 4200 (Litres),
  • 1 x Centrifugal filter, Q=400 (L/1’), G.F.=20 (micron_m).
  • 1 x Clean lubricant-coolant tank 20 (micron_m), capacity 1500 (Litres).
  • 1 x External cooling and rinsing pump
  • 1 x Internal deep cooling pump 1
  • 1 x Internal deep cooling pump 2
  • 1 x Oil separator

Documentation in Italian language and compliant with Machine Directive 98/37/CE, with Manufacturer's Statement Of Conformity, Annex II, Type B.

Year of construction 2004.

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Jun 14, 2021
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