Tecnoforme spa offer technical solutions for the problems posed by mechanical processing involving the removal of shavings, and conducted with or without lubricant-coolant.
Since specialized technical skills are required, every technical-commercial service is managed directly by our Sales Service, ensuring the satisfaction of every request.

Information area.

  • General technical information on Internet or specific replies to questions over the telephone.
  • Sales area.

  • Preliminary technical consulting by telephone or e-mail regarding the applications of our systems.
  • Analysis of specific problems on the basis of documentation provided by the customer or following our technical site visit.
  • Proposed technical and commercial solutions to the problem posed.
  • Training area.

  • Training courses to learn correct operation of systems, conducted at our site or the customer's site.
  • After-sales area.

  • Technical consulting for the correct use of our systems.
  • Description and supply of spare parts for all our products.
  • Telephone or e-mail assistance for the solution of functional problems.
  • Technical assistance at the customer's site for the solution of any type of problem regarding the use of our systems.
  • Stock of standard spare parts ready for dispatch and rapid delivery for special parts.
  • Stock of filter cartridges and fabrics ready for consignment.
  • Rapid and careful repair and servicing of our systems at our site.
  • When communicating any requests for assistance it is important to communicate the serial number and design of our system - this data can be found on the registration plate on the system, or in the EC Manual of Use and Maintenance.

    Jun 14, 2021
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