Tecnoforme was founded in September 1979 from the collaboration of the two founding partners, Renato Bernabiti and Silvano Bicocchi, becoming Tecnoforme spa in 1985. Right from the start they invested their resources in the innovative technologies sector aimed at the efficient removal of shavings and the recirculation of lubricant-coolant fluid.

Since 1980 the company has operated in the machine tool sector, with constantly evolving products  striving to best satisfy the demands of manufacturers and users of machine tools. The company produces:

  • Accident prevention casings and bodywork for the containment of processing shavings and lubricant-coolant (produced from 1980 to 1993).
  • Highly reliable shavings conveyors, designed and constructed to satisfy the specific needs of users.
  • Patented prefiltering systems which make it possible to reduce maintenance and cleaning work.
  • Lubricant-coolant filtering and recovery tanks capable of operating in both low and high pressure systems.
  • Lubricant-coolant fluid filters, extremely compact even when handling large fluid volumes.
  • Complete equipment lines for the correct management of lubricant-coolants.
  • Complete systems capable of fulfilling the needs of reliability and autonomy requested by unmanned mechanical processing stations.
  • Centralized site systems for conveying shavings and filtering lubricant-coolants (produced from 1985 to 1993).
The industrial facilities are divided into two sites at a distance of 7 km from each other, one in Nonantola and the other in Sorbara di Bomporto.
The Sorbara di Bomporto site is currently the registered and administrative office, and the base for technical services, plate metal bending and cutting, assembly, painting, finishing-testing and consignment of Tecnoforme products.
The Nonantola site has a metalwork assembly section, and a storage area for semi-finished and finished goods. The two sites include an overall area of about 10000 m2 of which about 6500 m2 are covered.
Currently the company employs a total of 30 to 60 people including both internal staff and external collaborators.
Tecnoforme products are handled by our internal production departments from design to consignment of finished goods, dedicating maximum attention to ensuring the standards of quality and reliability required by the final customer.

The company is also structured to satisfy all the needs for after-sales support, with the supply of spare parts, and if necessary technical assistance at customers' sites in Italy or abroad.


Jun 14, 2021
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