What we do.

Self-cleaning solutions for the management of shavings and lubricant-coolant on manned and unmanned machining tools:
- for emulsified and pure oil lubricant-coolants.
- for metal shavings of all types and quantities.

Plants for single machine tools or for production lines:
- for processing on conventional machines (e.g. vertical or horizontal lathes, processing units)
- for processing on special machines (e.g. linear or turntable transfers).

Special plants, of specific dimensions and performance, dedicated to all types of machine tools  and any special needs of the final user, including:
- Hinged belt, scraper, screw, and permanent magnet shavings conveyors.
- Lubricant-coolant prefiltering systems (hydrodynamic, fabric type and permanent magnet type )
- Bag, cartridge, fabric, and centrifugal filtering systems.
- High pressure recovery units managed by digital technology for the supply of variable capacity and constant pressure-step output.
- Equipment for the processing of lubricant-coolant: oil separators, cooling units.


Our philosophy.

Innovating our know-how day by day together with the users of our systems.

Creative solutions through constant research and development, specifically applied to the needs of hi-tech machine tool constructors. 

Constructing plants for an extended working life, operating with the highest functional reliability, requiring limited maintenance, and ensuring maximum safety also as regards the interface with the machine tool.

Sharing with our customers the problems to be resolved, carefully designing personalized solutions, high quality realization of plants for maximum customer satisfaction.

A Tecnoforme plant is thus distinguished for:
-  Reliable operation.
-  Safety.
-  Personalized design to customer specifications.
-  An excellent performance/price ratio. 

Jun 14, 2021
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